Turco Property Management


Since 2011 we have maximized owner’s returns and minimized their headaches. Today we manage 135 properties for Owners & Investors with annual gross revenues of $1,250,000.

We have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of real estate. From renting your property, screening applicants, dealing with tenants, property maintenance and all that goes with being a landlord, we will bring our expertise and years of property management experience to you and your rental property, and all at a competitive price.

When people call inquiring about Property Management, the questions we are usually asked are:

  • “What do you do?”
  • “How much do you charge?” 
  • ”Do you manage the type of property I have?” and
  • “How do I start?”

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Looking for a house, apartment, or condominium to live in and call home?

We are a property management company retained by owners who have hired us to act as their agent. We take on the duties of the landlord. We are not a pre-paid rental listing agency that sells you a list of available properties for rent. The rental property information is free. We have a constant inflow of new property, including houses, apartments, and condominiums, for rent. 

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