General Information

General Information

Please read below and then click on  the “All Properties” tab for a list of available properties.

We are not a pre-paid rental listing service selling you a list of rental properties. We do not charge a fee for access to our available properties. We are a local property management company. Our office is located in Manteno, IL.

We ask that you please drive by properties first. If the property is still occupied, please do not disturb the current occupants. If you like what you see, call back at (815) 263-6326 or email to set an appointment to view the interior.

When you view the property interior you can get an Application, or you can download one from this website, complete it, and have it ready to give to us at the viewing.

Additional information on completing your Rental Application can be found HERE.

Please fill out the Application completely. All occupants must be named. There is a $45 Non-Refundable Application Fee for each Adult over 18 years of age. Your Check or Money Order are acceptable.

Pet policy will vary from property to property. Some owners do not want pets. Some are open to the idea. If pets are considered, it will be considered as part of the entire application. Additional deposits may or may not be required. The type of pet, of course, must make sense for the type of property.

We update our website constantly to give you the most current and accurate rental information we can.