Maintenance & Repair

All of the maintenance people we use are independent contractors.

With our many years in this business, we have developed a large pool of workers to draw upon in all fields of repair from general maintenance people, gardeners, painters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and more. They know we can give them a substantial amount of work, so they in turn, give us prompt service and fair prices.

We have no conflict of interest because they are not our direct employees, nor is the maintenance done by a “division” of our business.

We will notify you of any building emergency repairs estimated to cost in excess of $500 to obtain your approval.

To facilitate bids for capital repairs that go beyond normal maintenance, a 5% charge is assessed to review and monitor the work performed to ensure it is completed in a satisfactory manner. Owners have the option of using their own contractors and project management. Owner is then responsible for coordination and facilitation of work and payment of services completed.