Our Management Fees

Turco vs. Traditional

A traditional Real Estate Agent generally works with buyers and sellers. These agents can also list property for rent in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), however. They usually charge you a fee equivalent to the first months rent. They and other agents can then show your property. If another agent secures the tenant, the two agents will split the commission.

These agents generally are not interested in the continuing management of the property on a monthly basis. After a tenant is secured, they will turn the property over to you and you will be the one dealing with the tenant.

Turco Property Management will rent your property and continue to manage it on a monthly basis. We will be your agent dealing directly with the tenant so you do not have to. Management companies generally have more experience in the tenant screening process than Real Estate Agents.

The key to being a successful landlord is excellent tenant management. Most landlords fail because they have little or no training or experience in managing tenants. Their time is better focused on identifying and acquiring additional assets.

Unless you like fixing toilets, lighting furnace and water heater pilot lights at midnight or collecting rents from tenants, you must hire a property management company to ensure the long term success of your investment. It’s just good business.

Our Management Fees

Unlike many Property Management firms, we only charge two types of fees.

1. To rent your property we charge an amount equal to one month’s gross rent plus advertising costs to obtain a tenant unless an acceptable tenant is already present. When a new rental unit is initially coming under our management, a one-time $300 start-up fee is charged. Additional charges may be necessary if cleaning and/or repairs are required to get the unit rental ready, Prospective tenants pay for their own credit/background checks.

2. For continuing management our monthly fee is negotiated based on the percent of collected rents.

3. For Project Management to facilitate bids for capital repairs that go beyond normal repairs a 5% charge is assessed to review and monitor all work performed to ensure it is completed in a satisfactory manner.

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