Tenant Insurance

Renter’s Insurance

This is a general information reference regarding rental insurance for tenants. Tenants often have questions about insurance. We are not making specific recommendations, only giving some general information. Please contact your insurance agent for specifics regarding your policy and coverage.

Most all Rental Agreements state that your personal property is not insured by the Landlord.

To cover the above type of losses you need to get a Renter’s Insurance Policy. The landlord’s insurance policy does not cover you or your possessions. After all, the landlord does not know what your possessions are. You need to inventory them, place a value on them, and, if you choose, insure them. Liability coverage may also be available. Coverage cost can be very reasonable.

We hope this information is of value to you. Our reference source was Patrick Carroll with Country Insurance in Kankakee, IL. He said to feel free and call him if you have additional questions. His number is (815) 933-2009. No obligation. Please contact him or your own insurance agent for specific recommendations.Thank you.